Thursday, June 19, 2008

and the cycle continues

Tuesday was my first interview in the real world. I went to the Del Mar Fair where I tried to find people who would talk to me about ride safety. But, me being used to interviewing high school students who feel being in The Bull's Eye, our school paper, is like being on the Channel 7 news at prime time felt real rejection for the first time. And let me tell you, rejection hurts. Strangers felt intimidated being asked questions and wouldn't even answer a question about a silly ride. Most gave snappy remarks and quickly walked away. Others were suspicious of our intentions and would not allow their names to be printed, leaving us with nothing. After a tedious couple of hours walking around in painful shoes, I left feeling unconfident with the quotes i did received and how I could develop it into a story. Today though, my mood has changed and I am for the most part happy with the article I have scrapped together. tomorrow, I will begin my second journey into the world of interviewing as I start with another skeptic for my second article. Wish me luck! -Christina

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