Friday, June 27, 2008


hi everyone
(Its Elisabeth)
i would have said goodbye to all of you last night but i would have been too sad. i had a lot of fun these past two weeks and i already miss all of you. i really enjoyed the time we all spent together laying in the grass and having random conversations! they were hilarious. i loved all our nicknames and watching anchorman and the office.

annie-youre so cool and fun to be with-too bad we never took that pic with the statue
christina-i had fun with you at the fair and got a good hair straightening idea from you
katie-you were always so sweet and i enjoyed rooming with you
kate m-you made me laugh a lot and introduced me to food from 7/11 that ive never heard of before
eirenne-i loved your laugh and the strawberry puffs you got me hooked on
chelsea-you always made me laugh, anchorwoman
teja-i enjoyed your company during the second week
ethan-you were really funny (i have to confess, i used your wheelchair when you werent looking)
connor-you were really fun to be around and i loved hearing your stories about duane
amanda-happy bday! you were so sweet
kate z- i had a ton of fun running with you
ashley-you were really fun to hang out with. one day we'll go ice skating and then go to france and avoid all hardware stores haha
luis-i didnt really get to know you but you were always smiling
samuel-all i know is you love dogs
courtni-i love the video we made (awesome!!!)
casey-you were really cool and i enjoyed your company
jose-you always seemed to get lost it was hilarious
jessica-i loved all your outfits you were a really sweet girl
lizbet-you did a really good job on your news video!

we really should all get together and go to the beach sometime
thanks everyone for making my time so much fun
(and i did convince my mom to let me get a bunny)


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