Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CCNMA Journalism Worskshop

There are many things to see here at Point Loma Nazarene University. From the view of the ocean and calming sunsets to the architechture and friendly kitchen staff, there is a lot to see but much more business to take care of first.

While the broadcast and radio students are out creating their news pieces and shows, we the print students take notes on interviewing styles, ethics, and journalistic rights as well as toss around story ideas. We've named the paper The Lighthouse. Appropriate? Definately.

Some people have gone out already to conduct interviews. Some topics that have been covered already have been: food content and ride safety at the Del Mar fair, same-sex marriages and the new fence going up at the boarder today. We are also recieving experience in photography, online news video, and online news slideshows.

The students all seem to be getting along at this point, but in time there'll probably be some tempers flaring. We're all here for the same experience and respect each others opinions and styles. Interviews seem to be the biggest obstacle at the moment, but we are treading through with smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts.

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