Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Before I had entered this workshop, I had been primarily a features writer. Some how the two stories I did ended up being news stories. Though they were a bit of a challenge to write since I'm used to more light and fluffy stuff, it was fun to do.

The longer I'm here the more i realize how broad the world of journalism truly is. You can go in so many different directions and do so many different things. The journalists that I have encountered here all have their own little niche that they fit into, and are all very different. One unifying concept that I have observed about this sect of writers though, is that they all seem to undeniably love their craft.

Yes they may gripe about their pay, or the slowing of print, or any other hindrances they face in their field, but none can truthfully say that they dislike their job. I am pretty sure that this is because of the people that journalism attracts.

While, like I said, they are all very different, journalists seem to all have this profound love for writing about the public for the public. They go into communities and businesses and find out what strikes people as interesting and report about it.

A journalist has a huge responsibility to uphold to the people. They have the obligation to report accurately, objectively, and regularly. The press is the source that the general public gets their information and shapes their opinions around. Essentially, media is the mass outlet in which the populace is informed of things they would otherwise be unaware of.

Forgive me if this kind of turned into a little monolauge, but I have some free time right now.

-Ashley Williams

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