Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ya-I'm a dork for posting 2 hrs after we're done

Just in fair warning...this is very much a self-gratifying closure thing-so it might get sappy ;)

Wow guys. We have made it through Journalism boot camp and are going back to the real world.

I can only say that this has been the hardest, most intense, best, most amazing experience of my life. Though it was really insane, and truly a boot camp (who knew they were serious about that?!), I don't regret it for one second.

The things I learned were so helpful and I plan on bringing back to my school paper with Annie.

The people I met I hope to keep in touch with for as long as i can.

A quick word to my roommates: I am so glad that they stuck us all together. We are all so different, but ended up coming together and getting pretty close. I love how well we all got along and our endless hours of random talk and strange video watching! Courtni, Kate, Jessica, Christina-stay in touch: I miss you already :)

To keep this from turning into a ridiculously long blog- I'm just going to say thanks. Thanks to all the people that made this experience what it was. Its been fun. (Oh I just realized we should definitely go to each others football games when we play each other). Any way, thats all for now. -Ashley W

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