Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from the weekend

So we're back from the day and a half break we had. I am sick of seeing the inside of my car now. I've been in it now for a total of about 8 hours for this workshop. Though I am glad to be away from the heat. It's 118 where I live so 80 degrees feels like heaven to me. :) I guess I'm glad I got to go home for a day, but the long drive (nor the heat) was so not worth it. I can't believe how much my vicious little kitten grew in the week that I was gone. He's so big and fat now. He jumps like a jack rabbit and runs like a horse. I got a whole new set of scratches for this weeks festivities. :-p
So the 7-11 run last night was pretty fun and interesting. At o ne point the car smelled like crayons, then it smelled like dead skunk. That was pretty gross. The poor cashiers were swamped when we all walked in and pretty much ravaged the store. On the way back though I got to be made into a sandwich. Yay! :) I like sandwiches. Hahaha.
Well that's all. For now. Bye.
~Katherine Monroe

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