Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Response

Guess what that is a picture of...

Yes. I rode my bicycle. I rode it where I liked.
(and for the record annie i CAN ride my horse with no handlebars :) )

That is an example of one of the many things (including sleeping) that I can do now that I'm not at J-camp.

But I'll say that even though I've hung out with my friends, I'm still terribly lonely for kids who know what a lede is. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! YOU TOO BROADCAST AND RADIO KIDS!! Instructors too, even joe. I would say nice things about each of you like everyone else has, but I'll just stick to generalities. You all know why I'll never forget you.

Because we signed up to be sleep deprived. Because we survived karaoke. Because we are now programmed to eat at 7, 12 and 5 on the dot. Because we forgot how to make our own food. Because our idea of a good time is going to 7/11 or watching old men play basketball. Because we lived near the sea, but never actually saw it. Because we suck at games, except 10 fingers. Because we think screen doors are invisible. Because we share a common dislike for small children who live off pizza, ice cream and soda. Because everything is legit, especially the Jesus statue. But mainly because WE ROCK!

Miss you all!
-Kate, Veronika, Big Bird

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