Friday, June 27, 2008

So long, Farewell...Good-bye

So i know i didn't particularly get close to many of you, but i will miss you regardless. Here is what i will miss about each and every one of you.

Casey- you are so laid back. i'll miss your calm. cool, and collective funny personality
Eirene- your laugh is to die for. Whenever i heard your laugh i busted out laughing too. i'm so glad i got to share a room with you. See you in Frisco...a lot. =]
Teja- miss professional anchor-woman. you are amazing. our livingroom sleepover was a success!
Sam- you little potty mouth. hahaha. you are just funny to listen to =]
Courtni-Unabomber! Oh wow. how i'll miss you throwing random stuff at our ceiling. hahaahaa good luck at illinois
Kate Z.- aka veronica, tree hugger, and big bird. i'll never forget how many nicknames we had for you. See you up north at Davis or Frisco
Jessica- i don't think i ever saw you without a smile on your face (or wearing an outfit that didn't match) You are wonderful
Ashley- Your turd ice cream cone was the funniest thing ever and totally going in the photobucket album once my computer decides to be nice to me.
Annie- you seemed so bohemian and that is awesome. you also were never frowning. =]
Christina- you iron your hair with an actual iron?? I had never heard of that before, but hey whatever works right? =]
Jose- i had fun working with you on the border story. you are so smart. good luck in Dallas, i know you'll do well
Ethan- Oh geez Ethan. You surprised me everyday. And made me nervous every time you walked down the stairs. You are one-of-a-kind, grade-A, jokester, amazing.
Katie- miss producer lady, you are so nice and sweet it makes sugar sour. i loved having you for a roommate.
Elisabeth- I'll never forget how badly you wanted that little bunny rabbit. You should totally go back and get it next wednesday at the street fair. and you were fun to share an apartment with.
Connor- Carefree Connor. You always had a smile on your face and was Dwayne's biggest fan.
Chelsey- You are the most random, funniest, anchor-woman ever. You are awesome
Lizbet- I didn't get to know you that much, but you seem really outgoing
Luis- i didn't get to know you that well either, but i think you are funny as well. i don't recall you ever not smiling.
Amanda- so soft spoken. it must've been really fun to have your birthday at J-camp. Good luck at Millburry this fall.

P.S. I am totally going to post another little thank you blog for the advisors but my computer is being mean to me right now so that will have to come at a later time, but it WILL come. I promise.

~Kate Monroe

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