Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final Draft

I am on the verge of finishing my story.Technically I have it done and am just waiting for Professor Feldman to check it off. It is really exciting to reach the end of your piece, and be able to read the product of your hard work. Though I have taken a beginning journalism and spent a year on the paper, this has been an entirely different process. Having the benefit of professionals and professors editing my work is truly expanding my knowledge of journalistic writing. I love not just being told to add a few commas, but actually having my content improved. I am learning so much. One thing that bothers me about my article is that all the people I interviewed are in Ocean beach, so doing the sensory stuff is a bit difficult. I can't just say "said Joe Smith while walking on the boardwalk," for all of them. Hopefully I will be able to apply that to my next article.-Ashley

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Cali Chickie said...

Were so excited that your learning and having fun luv ur familia