Friday, June 20, 2008

The Dungeon

I'm a day behind on my blogs, but nothing interesting has happened today, so I'll tell you about my experience with the editing panel yesterday. I wrote up my hybrid story, and brought it to Leezel. There were a few things that she did, so I fixed them, brought it back, and actually did that proces I want to say....4 times. After I got my story signed off by Leezel, I went to Mr. Feldman, or Feldy, just not baldy or oldy. :) So the whole dungeon thing that Mr. Feldman says he brings you to isnt really that scary. Its like...three chairs that are lined up. Anyways we concluded that my lead was weak and stuff so we tweaked it around a lot. The bottom of my story ended up being at the top after we were through. By the time I was done, I had revised my story six times! Whatever it takes I guess, right? So then after dinner, we went on a tour of the Union-Tribune office in hotel circle. Those presses are MASSIVE. Mr. Feldman explained that they are seperate from the building because of the vibrations. Then there was an adventure down to the pasting room. Everyone (including me) went down like three flights of stairs. Definitely got my excersise in yesterday...

Today has been pretty uneventfull. Got up at 6, packed up everything, and ate breakfast. As of now, I'm taking a break from my sports commentary on why it is the last chance for the Chargers to win a Superbowl for a long time. Its hard because I am NOT A CHARGER FAN. Negative. Never. :P Trying to make it sound good but trying to keep it fair at the same time is really hard. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it on Sunday or Monday. ~Ethan

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