Friday, June 27, 2008

home already?

heyheyeyeyheyey this is annie
so even though im kind of tired due to the lack of sleep that ive gotten over the past 14 days, i read all of the previous blogs and got all emotional. so yeaaaaaaaa
we are amazing. camp was amazing. good times talking in circles and eating in squares and reading the paper and wondering what game to play as we sat on the cement curb and getting up at six and riding in cars with random advisors and finally coming together to observe our amazing products. even though i dont want to be too sappy, i like the truth box-esque idea that has been going in the past two here goes....
ashley: yeay im glad i got to get to know you year we will crack the whip on mccarter. good times reminicing about life back in a town and school in jtown
christina i love your side pony tail and your great laugh and our 711 trips. we should have EIC heart to hearts next year. good job laying out with joe
elizabeth you were always so happy, we should meet in east county sometime. i love your silver headband
eirene your dresses are so amazing, along with your curly hair and your cool sandals. we must meet up in san fran
casey yay music. good times in the room. ah certain annoying phrases. ill be @SC, so maybe ill see you near cuyamaca some day. i love your dresses
teja: girl you were so amazing on the current. it was fun rooming with you and leezel (ha). i love your hair
luis: i didnt talk to you much, but i loved your little puns on the broadcast. classic.
ethan: dude you are really cool. thanks for keeping the mood light in the layout room
kate: AH kate thanks for being my cool buddy in the newsroom, have fun at davis. maybe youll be able to ride your horse with no handlebars.
lizbet: yay ill see you at mt sac. you are so sweet
amanda wow i loved rooming with you. you are so nice and intense and i know you will do great at middlebury. your voice sounded good on the radio recording too. you inspired me to raise the standards at my paper next year
chelea you are so funny and awesome. maybe ill come see you in the WNBA one day, ill wear a maternity shirt. good times in G
jessica you are so fashionable, you clothes were so cute everyday. i will see you at rhor and mt carmel, cause you are amazing
katie i love your striped shoes and your cool attitude. we had some interesting convos out on the picnic table that one night with the pizza, before we realized that everyone left
jose dude you are so nice. seriously, you were so intense, but also so sweet. i know that you will be successful
sam you have talent as a photographer. and you have a good sense of humor too
courtni wow girl you and your energy drink. you were so nice and always did your own thing. thanks for keepin it legit
kate (with the braids) girl i loved you and your intensity. you were so persistent trying to get interviews, and would never put up with the little christian kids
connor wow ten fingers. you are a funny guy

david thanks for driving us to 7-11 and being so happy and supportive during crunch time
lisel thanks for helping me with the video, you are the best mojo i know
photographers: you are amazing, your work never failed to inspire me
jen i never got to tell you that you reminded me so much of juno, which is a good thing. you were so cool and chill and really helped make the paper layout pretty
alex wow. thanks for being such an intense editor, hot dog maker, and person
leo you never failed to amaze me
leonel you were always so nice and caring.
claudia your how i beacame a journalist speech was so inspiring
feldy you are amazing. thanks for staying happy and humorous
karen thanks for being there to help us
jose you were such a great advisor, you run a great program. i really enjoyed reporting with you
ok well more to come later
watch out for the rise of the kinematics (sounds like some robot or something)
keep it cool wherever you are
and keep blogging like the deranged writers that we all are
its a small world, and even though some of us might not get into the wonderful life that is journalism, the memories of camp will live on

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