Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hey its annie. sorry this isn't punctuated very well, i type much more efficiently without worrying about capitalization and all of that. so yesterday i wrote this wonderfully long and detailed blog entry, but then it did not go through for some reason. so im def going to copy this one before i post it. let me just say that while i appreciate and enjoy writing like a journalist, i often find myself drifting towards more of a stream of conciousness style. so here goes.
ive done three stories for this workshop, which has been amazing. its interesting, usually i can just crank out words onto a page without any trouble, but in this intense, professional setting i felt that i thought about my words a lot more. my first story was about olympic hopeful akeeba mckinney, which was interesting to pursue. me and jose drove up in his BMW while discussing castle park and siblings, and then we saw the olympic training center and met an 18 year old archer who left high school in pursuit of the 2012 games. seems like a long time away to me. but i guess not really. then i began on my death cab for cutie story. i was always a fan of the band's radio hits (soul meets body, etc) but it was interesting to find that they have some seven albums to their name. lees and alex and i headed away from the cool point loma air to SDSU, where we bought the $37, non press pass tickets. then we chilled at alex's apartment, where we ate leftover cupcakes, hotdogs, and microwaved french fries with peanut butter. quite a delicious combination, actually. the concert was...interesting. read my review for more.
then today i began work on an opinion piece. for my paper at school i was quite the opinion enthusiast (i didnt really do news very much at all), but i found it hard to develop my thoughts for this article. my story is being editied right now, i think. alex looks kind of busy.
ok well enough of that. let me just say that this has been an amazing experience. the conversations we have had (bums, chickens, riding bikes, mile high club, ten fingers, plastic surgery), all of the crazy religous camp kids, those fateful three meals a day, going on assignment with one of the professional if not hilarious reporters, that first night with karaoke, the UT tour with feldman, rolling out of bed at 6am. AH good times. while we have worked hard, and while the work is not done yet, i know i will always remember this "boot camp" as more than just a place of work. it has been so interesting talking to all of the professional journalists, i found it particularly intriguing that although journalistic writing is very simple, one can beef it up as they become more experienced. i also found it interesting that some journalists can also become lawyers and the like. well anyone who is still reading, congratulations. i could go longer, but ill spare you.
for now, im out like a journalist on assignment
casey (sp?) thanks for coldplay, amazing
kate i can ride my bike with no handlebars
ps i agree with arms on the nickname thing. we shall discuss at dinner
pss is this the last day in the newsroom? darn. jk. but not really.
psss previous post "end of week 1" was me

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